Wednesday Game Night

Wednesday night is one of my game nights. My husband hosts D&D 5e games over on Roll20. If you’re interested, go check it out. (I play Saturday nights and Wednesday nights.) This is my Wednesday night character, Kipp. She is a Dragonborn druid. She has been very interesting to play and I just love her!

I used to create the character picture.

September recommendations

Here are some of the best things I read in September:

I know I posted earlier volumes last month, but I am still LOVING The Girl from the Other Side. I am waiting for Volume 6 to become available through the library system I use online. Sadly, that will be the last one currently available to me. Hopefully they will get more soon, because I just love this manga.

I finished out The Belgariad series. I am anxious to start the next set by David Eddings. Book 5 slogged a little bit for me in the middle, but it picked up at the end. I really enjoyed the series.

This was created from a series of blog posts that Dean Wesley Smith did while he wrote a short story a day for a month. It is a very interesting look at short story writing. This has inspired me a bit…we will see if anything comes from it…