Newsletter (finally)

After too much time, and quite a few requests, I finally have a newsletter. I will be sending it out about once a month (more if I am doing something like a mid-month Kickstarter, less if I forget) with updates on publishing dates and upcoming book releases.

There is a sign-up link up in the main menu, or you can sign up right here.

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I promise, no spam, and no selling of your info. (I am currently using Mailchimp, for those of you who are curious.) Just monthly updates of my publishing schedule and other events.

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My yesterday

This was where I spent the day yesterday. Mammogram came up all clear, no ultrasound necessary. It is always a stressful half hour while I wait to find that out. I’m free from the imaging center for 6 more months! Woot!

Remember that next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Encourage the women you love to go in for their annual mammograms. Early detection can save lives.

The File Boxes

I spent most of the last half of last week organizing all of my short stories and books into paper and digital files. It took me three days, and a lot of hours each day, but here they are. They are all cataloged and sorted and alphabetized. I am going to need to get a third box soon. Or a real filing cabinet. Short stories are marked if they’re out for submissions. Books are marked for pre-orders. Let’s see how long this system lasts before I start “forgetting” and fall behind. Any wagers? LOL