Author Get-Together

A friend of mine recently published a book on service dog training. She is the wonderful lady who helped me to train Amos. We were able to see one another for the first time in a very long time and we signed books for one another. It was wonderful to see her and we had a blast!

Amos was thrilled to see her. Look how happy he is!
Signing books for one another.

If you have a dog (it doesn’t even have to be a service dog, she has instructions on basic obedience) this is a priceless book filled with very useful training information.

3 thoughts on “Author Get-Together

    1. She pretty much exclusively writes non-fiction, whereas I write fiction. It would be nice to have someone to get together with and talk fiction. But she and I have a blast whenever we are together, no matter what. I love her so much!


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