Health Update

So Amos found a new lump for me. He was nosing at my shoulder and bumping a spot just below my collar bone with his nose. There was a tiny lump there on Friday. It had gotten bigger by Monday. So I called the cancer center on Monday and they scheduled me to come in on Tuesday morning. 

The physician’s assistant checked me and she said she didn’t think it was anything, but she was going to send me in for an ultrasound anyway. I would have believed that she wasn’t concerned, except for the fact that they scheduled the ultrasound for right away and told me to go straight over.

They took me before my newly scheduled “appointment” (which I greatly appreciated, so I didn’t have to wait around all day.) And over the following hour, I had two separate ultrasounds and a mammogram.

Still totally not convinced when they say they’re “not overly concerned.” Then they sent me in to and see another doctor who explained that I needed to have a biopsy. The doctor said that the biopsy is routine because I have a “history of cancer” and the lump is new and unidentifiable at the moment. So I sat with a scheduler and got that handled. I will update more after the biopsy, and when I have more information.

But for now. I am trying not to freak out. And I am thanking Amos over and over for pointing this out to me.

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