Blogging and Writing Through it

I’ve already had cancer once. And I continued to write through it. I kind of wish I had kept a record of what I did and how I did it.

Well, now unfortunately, I have a second chance to do just that.

On December 8, 2021, the results from my biopsy came back positive for cancer for a second time.

I am right in the middle of a writing streak, at 100 days as of today. I am also in the middle of a challenge where I am writing 100 short stories in 100 days. The 100 days ends on December 31. I have not missed a day yet, and I am not planning to.

I was also planning on continuing the challenge through 2022, writing a short story every day for a year.

Depending on the cancer treatment, I am hoping to continue with that challenge. I am determined not to let it hold me back. I will not let cancer beat me. And I will write the whole way through it.

The first time, my daily word count was about 250 words a day, and I kind of let it be anything. Not this time. I want to keep going with my streaks. A minimum of 1000 words a day, plus writing short stories every day and continuing to work on whatever novel is in process at the time.

Big goals. But I am the type of person who has to have something to do in order to keep my mind off of the stress involved in whatever is happening around me. I have to be busy.

And in this case, I have to be writing.

I think I will blog through it as well. Maybe a weekly post. Maybe daily, depending on how it works out. But I think it will keep me accountable. I hope those of you who subscribe to my blog can bear with me through this.

The challenge will really be once they start my treatments. I have no idea yet what or when that will be. I will get more information this coming week. Last time, the radiation was what caused the most fatigue. But I have no idea yet what I will have to endure this time.

But the best way through it is to have a positive attitude and to write. So that is the plan.

12 thoughts on “Blogging and Writing Through it

  1. You are truly an inspiration. Reading this blog post makes me realize that I need to stop allowing excuses stand in the way of my goals.

    I have already lost my second mom to cancer. she was more of a mother to me than the real one ever was.

    And two weeks ago, I lost my step-father to cancer.

    Stay strong, keep writing and keep on fighting.

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  2. I actually had two others interested in the 365 for 2022. But one backed out completely and the other is adjusting the goal and doing his own thing. So for now, it’s just you and me. But others are welcome to join anytime, for however long they feel comfortable.

    I understand 100 (and 365) are big scary numbers to look at, but once you get going, it’s not so bad and it flies by quick. And I have been having a blast writing!

    For anyone interested, pick a number that’s comfortable for you and write along!


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