Finished Early!

I couldn’t wait. I was so close. I just had to finish. I spent all morning yesterday writing. I was already a little bit ahead, so I finished it out. 100 stories in 100 days! (Actually 100 stories in 96 days!)

This now clears the path so I can get on to my next project of finishing all of my series. I don’t want to leave anything hanging. I have a lot of books to write, and they will not finish as quickly as a short story.

So off we go into 2022 with a new goal to conquer and old worlds to visit! Happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “Finished Early!

  1. I hope you not only chase me, but pass me! You have a cheerleader here!
    I will still be writing short stories, but probably not one a day because I need to focus on the books. But keep writing! I would love to see your count as you go!!! Good luck! Here’s to a very high word count for both of us in 2022!!! Happy New Year! 🙂


  2. I came here from DWS’s blog and am so impressed with your achievement in 2021 and target for 2022. I’m cheering for you to surpass your target!

    I’m aiming for a daily writing streak in 2022 with a minimum daily word count. I’d be mighty pleased if I hit that, but I’m always greedy for getting more words in! 🙂

    If I may ask, how long do you keep your short stories (in terms of word count)? I ask because these past few months, what began as short stories for me ended up becoming way longer pieces than I had anticipated. Thank you so much! And Happy New Year!

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    1. Hello! Nice to have you here!

      I sort of let my short stories be whatever length they need to be. Sometimes I aim for a certain word count (like if a magazine has a specific limit) but otherwise, I just go as long as the story does. I have short stories in the 7500-10,000 word range occasionally. Not super useful for magazine submissions, but easily publishable for indie!

      On days when I don’t feel well, I have allowed my stories to fall into the Flash Fiction range. But my one real requirement during the 100 stories in 100 days was that it had to be submittable somewhere. Flash Fiction had to be something that I could send to at least one magazine, anthology, or contest.

      Do you mind if I ask what you are aiming for as a daily word count?


  3. Thank you so much, Judy, for taking the time to reply in detail!

    Oh, I’m almost ashamed to tell you my teensy word count goal – it’s 1,000 words/day. 😀

    For most of 2021, I wrote in bursts, getting 2,000 words in one day, only to let 2-3 days slip by after that without any new words, and then struggling to ramp back up after that. So aiming for more consistency next year.

    I was browsing your website for a while this evening and I wanted to say I love, love your fairy tales up on Enchanted Conversations.

    I’m so sorry you’re battling cancer. I think it’s you Dean mentions in the Critical Voice workshop (not by name) but he mentioned an author who wrote every day, even through her chemo treatments. Hearing that really killed a huge part of my critical voice. Thank you for the inspiration. I wish you much success both with your writing and your health! I’m rooting for you on both fronts!

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    1. Don’t be ashamed of 1000 a day. That’s a great goal. Streaks are very powerful things. And those 1000 words a day add up very quickly!

      Glad you like the fairy tales. Those were so fun to write. I love Enchanted Conversation. Kate is a wonderful editor to work with.

      I’m glad I can inspire you in some way. Makes dealing with everything I am going through seem to have some sort of purpose. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂


  4. Thank you for your kind words regarding my goal! I’ve never set any writing goal/challenge for myself until now, so I’m quite eager to see this through. Looking up at you and Dean chasing your goals/challenges gives me a lot of inspiration for mine!

    I will keep coming here throughout the year! You have a new fan of your writing! 🙂

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    1. Anitha, are you joining us for the new 365 challenge in 2022? I’m not sure what Judy is going to name the challenge as yet.

      And don’t feel bad about writing less than 1,000 words a day. I’m sure I barely even got that much. This is why I am going to push through until the end come next year. I can’t allow my writing goals to fall by the wayside ever again.

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  5. Well, what should we call it? Maybe the 2022 Short Story Challenge, so people can choose their own number of stories? Some might want to go for 365, some for half of that, and some might want to go for one a week and hit 52. Or two a week and hit 104 (which is kind of where I am looking at right now because I need to turn the focus on my books.)

    But whatever it’s called, and whatever number people want to pick, we can cheer each other on here if you’d like!

    Maybe Short Stories in 2022? Because we could abbreviate it SS22 and that just looks cool. LOL


  6. If we are going to go broad to accommodate others who might want to join in the challenge, then maybe take short stories from the title. I’m thinking that there might be writers who want to focus on writing blog posts or articles. Others might want to focus on writing novels or shorter books.

    So maybe find a way to incorporate writing and publishing in the title. What do you think?

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    1. Works for me. That would accommodate people who might need to change their goals throughout the year as well. Because life happens.

      How about just the 2022 Writer’s Open Challenge? People can make whatever personal goals they would like to make and cheer each other on, no matter the goal? Just as long as we’re all working towards bettering our writing/publishing careers.


  7. You helped! 😉 I like it too. I think we’ll go with that. That way, anyone can participate, no matter how big or how small their goals. I love it!! I love the idea of this blog being somewhere where writers can come to cheer one another on to whatever victory lies ahead of them!!!


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