Recommendations from December

The Dreaming Place by Charles de Lint. Yeah, this guy is very quickly becoming one of my favorite all-time authors. I just love the books of his I have read and The Dreaming Place was awesome. It’s a short book (130 pages, give or take.) But worth every page.

The Pulp Jungle by Frank Gruber. In my study of the pulp writers, I finally got my hands on this book. Definitely worth reading for people who want to become writers. We have it so much easier now with computers and email.

That’s it for December. It was a super busy month, so I didn’t get a lot of reading done. I read a bunch of short stories from WMG’s Holiday Spectacular, but it’s not an actual book I can post. They are stories from a Kickstarter that are being emailed to me individually. Some really good stuff in there though. They will have a book of these stories though. Click here for the link to the WMG Holiday Spectacular. There is more info there if you’re interested.

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