Chemo Update

Yesterday was my first day of chemo. It went really well. No issues. No major side effects as of yet. Unfortunately my white blood cell count is a little lower than they would like, so they will be retesting me for that. They said to limit visitors and going out to keep me safe because of the low white blood cell count. Luckily we are introverts in this house, so that is our usual plan.

I had some wonderful people help me to get ready for the chemo appointments by sending care packages. So I had almost everything I needed. Plus, because of the white blood cell count issue, they put me in a private consultation room so I wasn’t in a room with anyone else or out in the waiting room. So I was fairly comfortable with my books, snacks, and streaming TV shows.

I get to do this twice next week, but I know now how to be more prepared for a longer day. (Yesterday was a half day.)