Happy New Year! Welcome to the 2022 Writer’s Open Challenge!

Okay, after much discussion in the comments, I have decided to start the 2022 Writer’s Open Challenge for anyone who would like to participate.

2022 is the Year of the Writer here on this blog. The Challenge is for writers to make whatever goal they would like to for the year and then you follow your own challenge. Post your goals here in the comments and then update as you go through the year (on any post, it doesn’t matter, but try to post on more current ones, so we know where everybody’s at chronologically.)

The best part? Everyone here will become your cheerleaders! Tell your writer friends. Let’s help motivate each other through the year! The more you guys post, the more I will post about it. And the more people post, the more cheerleaders we will all get. Let’s make this a positive place for writers to share their goals and successes. (And we can help one another through any failures as well. It’s always nice to have a boost when you need it.)

Whatever your writing goals, whatever your publishing goals, everyone chooses what is best and most comfortable for them. A book a month, a short story a day, a short story a week, 1000 words a day, 2000 words a day, anything goes! Just write, publish, and/or send out your stories. All goals, big or small, welcome. And talk it up in the comments.

Keep it nice, keep it supportive, and keep it positive! (Any rude, mean, or bad behavior will be deleted without explanation.) And please remember, you are not in competition with anyone but yourself. These are all personal goals and everyone is in a different place in their careers. So don’t feel intimidated if you see someone else doing more than you can manage. Everyone is different, with different schedules, health conditions, and personal obstacles. Let’s just be here for positivity and motivation.

So here’s to a wonderful 2022 for all you writers out there and let’s start writing through 2022!

Check the Challenge page in the menu for complete rules.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Welcome to the 2022 Writer’s Open Challenge!

  1. Happy New Year. We are here for another day.

    Have you heard the news about the passing of Betty White? She almost made it to 100.

    Thanks for allowing us to post one link. I intend to turn my updates into mini blog posts. So it will be really cool to come back post the link so you all can read them.

    Please everyone who is participating, identify yourself so we know who you are. Thanks

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  2. I don’t think the word is out much yet. But we can build it up over time. There is no rule saying it is a January 1 start date. Or even for a full year for that matter.

    But yes! Identify yourself and your goals! So we know who we’re rooting for!
    I am posting my goals on Monday (I am still considering mine, and they may change depending on how I react to my chemo.)

    Yes, I heard about Betty White. It totally bummed me out. I’ve always liked her.


  3. Yay! Just seeing this! Mine is to write 1,000 words a day, and I have some other publishing goals as well, but this one is really my priority. Thank you for putting this up! Nice to have this space to check in and connect and keep each other motivated.

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