Open Challenge Update

How is everyone doing? I actually got some WRITING done this week!

Remember, this challenge is open to everyone who wants to write. Join any time and it’s your goals, whatever you want, not something I set up for you. So if you just want some people cheering you on, post in the comments. I am trying to have a weekly post here for updates.

Chemo Cycle 2

Yesterday I was supposed to start Cycle 2 of my chemotherapy. But it has been put on hold for a week. My white blood cell count is way too low, so they are having me take a break for a week from the chemo. I was told that a break between cycles is very common and that I should be back to it next week.

But because my white blood cell count is so low, I have to sort of self-quarantine for the week break. I am not supposed to go anywhere and visitors are extremely limited. I have to follow super-strict protocols for food handling and such as well. But my husband has been through a heart transplant, so we are familiar with what we are supposed to do. It’s pretty much all the same stuff as the first 1-3 months post-transplant. So been there, done that. We know what we are doing.

At least the long days at the hospital are done. And they said that the fatigue might be really bad for the week because of the low white blood cell count. But I am hoping it won’t interfere with my writing much. I have really gotten back into the swing of things writing-wise, so I am hoping to be able to keep at it this coming week.

I will keep you updated.