2 Long Days

The last two days have been long days at the cancer center. They draw blood about every hour to see how the new meds are affecting me and how things are going. I started a new med the second day, which is why it was two days in a row.

It was long and exhausting, especially since they were draining so much blood out of me. Yesterday, a lot of little things went wrong all day, so it was much worse than the first day. One more brief trip in today for just a few tests and then I will have the weekend to recover.

But still, so far, so good. 🙂

One thought on “2 Long Days

  1. I haven’t prayed for you in a while cause I had a lot on plate and such. But I made a special one for just before posting this. I can’t imagine how all this must be affecting you emotionally and physically too.

    There is so much I need to update you on for the past few days, but this is not the post for that.

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