Challenge Update

I’ve actually gotten some writing done this week! Not a lot, but every little bit helps. It does feel good to be writing again.

I published some more short stories and got a couple of books up for pre-order. New short story collection for mid-March and a Bird Lady Collection, so all of the Bird Lady books and short stories will be together in one volume! Plus, I sold a couple of short stories this last week. I’ll put up links when they publish.

I’m glad to be pointed in the right direction again. With fewer appointments coming up, I can focus more on my writing again!

How’s everyone else doing?

2 thoughts on “Challenge Update

  1. Because I was so stressed out about finding a place to live and a job, I totally forgot to mention this.

    I have gotten five sales in one day. Sadly not all on the same book, But I don’t even be seeing one sale a day. So this was such a welcoming surprise.

    As for what happened recently and I think I have the law of attraction to thank for this.

    I self-published a 6-part short romance book series last week. Tell me why book 5 in the series has been getting so much attention? On February 11 and 14 the book got over a 1,000 page reads. That for me is huge. The reason why I said the law of attraction has something to do with it is because a few days before this happened, I was wishing to start seeing 1,000 page reads a day in my dashboard. But it’s weird it happened to book 5 and none of the other books. It has dropped off of course. But I am putting it back on free again tomorrow and see if it can rise again after this.
    Also I found a non-fiction niche that looks like it has potential. It is something I came across months ago, but I guess the light bulb is only going off in my head now. So I am going to work on about 2 – 3 books in a series for this niche this week and see how it goes. I was going to make the first book perma-free but I am just going to stick to making it $0.99 cents. These books are going to be self-published under my real name, so you will get to see what I’m talking about.

    That’s all from me.

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