Open Challenge Update

How is everyone doing? I actually got some WRITING done this week!

Remember, this challenge is open to everyone who wants to write. Join any time and it’s your goals, whatever you want, not something I set up for you. So if you just want some people cheering you on, post in the comments. I am trying to have a weekly post here for updates.

3 thoughts on “Open Challenge Update

  1. Thank for doing this first of all.

    This week I have little funny review to share with you. Not much else has gone on since I got mad at Amazon Kindle.

    I saw the funniest review on one of my boxsets I self-published back in October of 2020. The reviewer said that the book had no ending. That cracked me the hell up. I guess the book didn’t end the way she wanted it to end and so she felt there should be more content.

    Trust me the book has an ending, just not the one she would like.

    The book series is about a husband cheating on his wife. The wife is still with him at the end of the book.

    So that must piss the reviewer off. She did confess to enjoying the story up until the end.

    Well we can’t please all of our readers. I would thank her for the review but the book is under a pen name. I am glad for any reviews that I get, since I get so little of them.

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    1. I’ve seen people leave negative reviews for a book when it came damaged in shipping. People are nuts sometimes. At least she said she liked it up until that point. But yeah, reviews are few and far between.


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