Why I love my walker

When my doctor told me she didn’t want to see me in the building without a walker or a cane, I was slightly mortified. I didn’t want to walk around looking like an old lady. But it helps me keep my balance without my service dog (he is retired from the balance/bracing portion of his work.) And aside from the fact that it helps tremendously with the hip and back pain I have from the cancer invading my bones, it has it’s other advantages too. (I opted for a walker because I kept tripping myself with my cane.)

  1. IT HAS POCKETS!!! Some came on the walker (bottom front), some I added myself (on the sides.)
  2. It doesn’t trip me like a cane does. Yeah, just call me grace.
  3. It has a seat so I can sit down when I need to. Chemo is exhausting.
  4. It has pockets!!! So convenient. I can carry everything I need to appointments.
  5. I can utilize the seat as a table in waiting rooms. Much more sanitary in this day and age.
  6. I can customize it!!! I am loving yarn-bombing it.
  7. People are much nicer when you have a walker. Sad, but true.
  8. Did I mention the POCKETS?!? I just love pockets.

Yeah, those are just some of the reasons I have grown to love my walker. I should name it. Any ideas?

(I was playing with the idea of “Wilbert the Warrior Wagon.”)