Check-In Time!

I finished writing a book this week. I formatted and posted four books for pre-order. As well as two short stories. Plus I had an anthology come out with one of my stories in it, and had two other publications publish my short stories. So it’s been a good week here.

How are you doing?

4 thoughts on “Check-In Time!

  1. The reason I took this long to post my update is because I thought things would be resolved by with Amazon Kindle.

    They have blocked one of my books again. This time it was a boxset but all the single books that make up the boxset are still live. Thank God for that.

    After a few more days, I went back to re-read the e-mail stating why they blocked the boxset. I’m so confused cause they said the formatting was not right. Bullshit! I use the same template for all my books. I don’t have time to format every book. Making a template makes formatting a breeze. I dare anybody to tell me otherwise.

    Then they also said there is another book for sale like this already and I am confusing the customers. Then it hits me that maybe I must have uploaded the wrong book file. That was the only explanation that makes sense in my head.

    I nicely contacted them and admit I must have made a mistake and ask for the opportunity to correct it. So I ask to have the book put back into draft. Not up to now have a heard back from them and I won’t bother them about it again. As someone wisely told me in a Facebook group last year when they blocked one of my books, don’t poke the bear.

    Another thing I am noticing they like to do is, with every romance series I publish, at least one or two of the books end up in the erotica category even though they clearly don’t belong there. Amazon Kindle is being a pest to my life and they need to stop. A girl is just trying to put her work out to the world and hopefully make a living off it one day. Sheesh!!!

    So all in all, I was able to publish 12 books in total. Not the 18 I was aiming for. I don’t include the boxsets in my final count. I’m strange like that. I feel that is double dipping.


    1. Amazon does weird stuff. And I swear they randomly categorize books. They put one of my CHILDREN’S BOOKS in the erotica category and I had to fight them on it. It was a book for KIDS with no romance or sex in it whatsoever. I swear they just hit “randomize” when they categorize books.

      And I don’t think an Omnibus or boxed set is double dipping. If it is its own title. It still counts as one! 😉


  2. Do you see what I’m talking about? They throw whatever they want into the erotica category. Years ago I had self-published a non-fiction. It had nothing to do with love or sex and yet ended up in erotica. And no matter how I plead my case, they would not removed. That’s why I barely bother to ask.

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