Weekly Check- In/Update

I have actually gotten some writing done this week! With the number of doctor’s appointments and tests I’ve had this week, it’s a miracle I got any done at all.

Plus, I know this isn’t writing, but I have descended into the madness that is yarn-bombing. This is the beginning stage of “decorating” my walker. It’s amazing how crocheting sharpens my focus. Crocheting really gets my creative mind kicking too. It’s a bit of a weird inspiration, but I will take it!

I took the walker to the hospital with me this week and a lady with a Bedazzled back-brace told me that it was the “Dang-Blingingest walker” she had ever seen!!! LOL I got lots of smiles and compliments on it. So I need to finish this as well. (grin)

I’ll keep you updated on the progress. It’s been really fun and it keeps my hands busy on game nights.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Check- In/Update

  1. Well I have some more good news.

    All my e-books are in KU except for like three that are perma-free. So I went crazy and put them out out for free except the boxsets. Well I made a small mistake that worked out in my favor.

    One of the recent 6-part short romance series I self-published, I forgot to put the fifth book out for free. And because of this, I ended up getting 6 sales. SWEET.

    I should make this mistake again in the future. LOL!!!


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