Health Update

I finally got my results back from my bone scan. There are tumors in my t8 & t6 vertebra (which we already knew about) and they are only slightly bigger (but not enough to be alarmed about) and I have osteoarthritis literally pretty much everywhere. (Which we also already suspected/knew.)

The hip pain I have been having is most likely a combo of the arthritis and a side effect from one of my meds. So really overall, it’s not bad news. I’ve talked to my doctor about the back and hip pain and the fact that I am a writer. She said just get up and move around as much as I can. Which I already do. I use a writer’s trick of drinking lots of coffee as I write, so trips to the bathroom and to the kitchen for coffee refills are constant.

I had my monthly injections yesterday, so I get to be sore and tired for the next few days. Hopefully by Monday I’ll be ready to get back to writing.

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