Studying Agatha

I’ve been studying Agatha Christie lately. Books, biographies, movies, her notebooks. It’s been a great study. I love the book about her secret notebooks the best.

I got a couple of short stories up indie and sold a short story to an anthology, but otherwise I didn’t get much else done this week, I have family visiting. But hopefully, I will get caught up next week because I only have one day of appointments in the coming week. But meanwhile, the Agatha Christie craze continues.

How is it going with you this last week?

2 thoughts on “Studying Agatha

    1. So sorry things aren’t going well there. I will continue praying.
      My parents are visiting, so the only writing I got done was before they got here. They go home soon, so hopefully I will have the energy to get back to it on Monday or Tuesday.


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