Slow week

The first part of the week, my parents were still here, then I had to recover from the post-visitors clean-up, then I had doctor appointments and started cycle 3 of chemo. So I was pretty exhausted for most of the week. I basically didn’t get around to writing much at all this week.

I am hoping to be able to get refocused over the weekend and maybe start strong with the writing next week. But I did keep up with submitting my available short stories to magazines.

How is it going for you guys?

11 thoughts on “Slow week

  1. You keep going no matter what you have going on. Makes me proud of you.

    I got two sales this week, so that’s something to celebrate.

    I don’t watch Tik Tok videos, but I hear there is a viral video going around telling readers to refund e-books as soon as they are done reading them. That’s disgusting!

    I had an erotica pen name that was dead in the water. Someone found it, bought all the books and returned them after reading them. I can’t even begin to tell you how heartbroken I was over losing all that money. There was over 40 short erotica books priced at $2.99. You do the Maths sis.

    Just thinking about it makes it hurt all over again.

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  2. Holy crap. That is heartbreaking! I can’t even imagine. I checked my sales and I have had some ebooks returned this month as well. But nowhere as many as you.

    I wrote a polite email to Jeff Bezos telling him about the video and suggesting that he change the ebook return policy. It is currently 7 days. That’s like a library! I emphasized that it not only hurts indie authors but him as well. (His email addy is The more indie authors that email him, the better chance we have of him changing the policy.


  3. When I found the addy, it reassured that SOMEONE reads them all, so I figured, what is there to lose? 😉

    I read how many of yours got returned, and no matter when it happened, I just wanted to cry for you. For an indie author trying to build a career, that’s a LOT.


      1. From Amazon:

        Dear Judy,

        I’m Chelsea H of Amazon’s Tech Support Executive Customer Relations team. Jeff Bezos received your email and I’m responding on his behalf.

        Thanks for taking the time to write us about your concerns about the e-Book return policy.

        We’re always looking for ways to improve the service we provide, so I’ve forwarded your comments to the Kindle team. In the future, if you’d like to share any thoughts you have about Kindle with the Kindle team directly, please feel free to send them via ‘Help and Feedback’ from the Amazon Kindle app.

        Thanks for choosing Amazon.

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