4 thoughts on “Not much progress

  1. Well as you are aware no, I had a tough time living with that old lady. I have gotten nothing accomplished. But I am hoping now that I can find something online to do so I can get my on place again.

    To hear more of the horrible story, these are messages I sent to other people. I hope they won’t confuse you too much.

    I am so grateful that I got out of that old lady’s house yesterday. Even up until the time I was almost done packing up my stuff, she was yelling and screaming at me. I told her a dozen times to stop the noise because she was screaming into my left ear. And screaming at me once was not enough for her. She came back 4 more times. Even when I asked her nicely to leave the bedroom so I could change my clothes, she wanted to block me from locking the door.

    The neighbors were all shocked. They could not believe that she was treating me like I was no more than dirt under feet.

    Glad it is over. Thanks for letting me vent a little.

    I started a new job on January 28 and I was fired from the job on 29 of March. I was happy about it because the old lady I had to look after was satan in the form of a woman. I was still there up until 3rd of April. @Master Pooh, up until the time I was almost done packing my stuff to leave satan’s house, this old lady was yelling and screaming into my left ear. It was horrible. I tried the best that I could to leave in peace, but satan was determined not to make the task easy on me. And even though I told her several times to stop the noise cause I was leaving her house, she cared not. Responding that her mouth was big. Even the neighbors was disgusted by her behavior towards me. A person who has done her absolutely no wrong.

    What caused her to go off on me that morning might just make you laugh. She accused me of hiding food in her refrigerator. I don’t know about you, but if I wanted to hide food from someone, I would not put the food in that person’s fridge where they have full access to it. She has seen me use that bowl to store my food lots of time. But on Sunday wanted to act like it was first time she discovered it. She was saying how her family sent me there to kill her. So I am glad to be out of her house and out of her way. I almost gave her the Will Smith slap for hitting me several times on my arm just because I was ignoring her. She better thank God that he held my hands by my side.

    You are so right about the negativity I am trapped in. It’s like everytime I see a way out, someone keeps holding me back. One of the things I’ve come to realized was I was making this old lady far more important in my life that she needed to be. She was the main character of my life. And it started to hit me why I have not manifested a single thing since I’ve been in her domain.

    Yes someone is helping me out right now. She has been very sweet. And she has reassured me several times not to worry about anything, that everything will be fine. I truly hope so.

    It has prompted me to write my book about the suffering I went through with my own egg donor (mother). If you see anything causing my book, let me know please.


  2. Yes. This crazy, old bat had the nerve to hit me several times on my arms just for ignoring her. I am packing up my stuff to leave and she is trying to get in my way. The absolute audacity. If we were on the street, I bet you she would have never dared to raise her voice or her hand to me cause it would have played out so differently.

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