Health update for Amos

Amos has had his share of health problems. A lot of it has been caused by the anxiety of having a member of the household pass away in Feb 2018 (my brother) followed shortly by my husband’s heart issues that had him in the hospital for more days of the year than he was home for almost a year and a half, leading up to an artificial heart (Aug 2018), and then a heart transplant (2018-19). Then Amos dealt with my sinus surgery (Jan 2020), followed closely by my cancer issues, twice now (March 2020, Nov 2021-present). He also got retired from active service dog duty due to having arthritis and the whole COVID-thing.

So needless to say, my sweet boy suffered from lots of anxiety-related medical issues. Plus, he got Valley Fever on top of all of that. Then he started having kidney/liver issues from all of the meds he was taking. We took him to the vet this week. His kidney/liver numbers are MUCH better, but we are still waiting on the Valley Fever results. We have been slowly taking him off of meds, and we need his Valley Fever to be gone before we can take him off of any more.

So my brave little trooper has been working at home only, because he refuses to give up his service dog job. And he has been doing much better. I will let you all know how his Valley Fever results come back.

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