mid-April update

Still achy from the treatment a few days ago. I’m probably not going to be able to visit family because the chemo brings my WBC down too much, so my case nurse told me it would better to play it safe if possible. Plus one of them is sick. So seeing them is a definite no at this point. A bit of a bummer there.

But I signed a new contract for another anthology this week!!! So that’s really good news.

I also got a couple of short stories published, plus posted another book for pre-order in August. I got a few thousand words written. I also did battle with Amazon. They took down a series of mine, claiming it had blank pages in it. It didn’t. But it took most of the week before someone on their end finally figured it out and fixed it for me.

I wish I would remember to track my word count. I have no idea where my numbers fall at this point.

How are you doing?

2 thoughts on “mid-April update

  1. I literally have gotten nothing done as I am putting my focus on finding a decent job.

    Amazon is really getting out of hand. I can’t with them these days.

    I know a reviewer posted a negative review on one of my books claiming that they were blank pages. I double checked and I can’t find any blank pages in the book. So I have no idea what they are talking about. It must be an issue on Amazon’s end cause everything is fine over here.

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  2. I was wondering if it was a problem on their end. So frustrating. And what a stupid thing to leave a negative review about.
    Good luck finding a new job. You’re in my prayers.


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