Lots of medical stuff

I went in to see the doc the other day. My WBC still has me at bubble-girl status. They are also sending me in for a MRI on my brain because the peripheral neuropathy is so bad. They want to make sure it’s actually peripheral neuropathy and not something else (i.e. brain tumors.)  Right now, they are treating me for PN (basically, the brain signals to my hands and feet are misfiring.) So I have new meds (yuck) and I have to split my time between a walker and a wheelchair. No more walking on my own. I’ve fallen too many times and they are worried about me breaking bones. They want me to continue typing and crocheting, no matter how frustrating it gets, so I’m under doctor’s orders to write and to continue decorating my walker and wheelchair (grin.) And I will be sent to physical therapy soon, so I can walk with the walker more and wheelchair it less. If it’s peripheral neuropathy, it’s caused by the chemo, and most likely won’t go away (since I will be on chemo for life.)

I go to the eye doc next week, so hopefully I will be able to see the computer screen again. (Apparently, vision loss is more of the peripheral neuropathy. So the chemo is really kicking my butt. But I will take PN over brain tumors any day. And I kick back. (grin.)

Here’s Wilbert, ready for spring/May.

Needless to say, not a lot of writing happened this last week (some did, but just a little bit) and I put together a Patreon.

Enough about me, let’s hear a sound off. How is going for all of you?

12 thoughts on “Lots of medical stuff

    1. All chemo has side effects. I’d rather deal with all this than vomiting every day. The cancer has spread to my lungs, lymph nodes, and bones, so without the chemo, I would probably die rather soon. So my sucky side effects are preferable to me at this point. Unfortunately, chemo is literally a poison. I am poisoning myself to poison the cancer. One of the other meds I am on is causing some of the problems too. I am literally to the point where I am taking meds to deal with the side effects of other meds. 😦


  1. Well I have some good news this week.

    I started publishing a new short romance series this weeks. So far nothing has been blocked and I pray it remains that way.
    I got seven sales this week out of nowhere on erotica books. I self-published these books all the way back i 2014. So this was quite the welcoming surprise.
    Also I feel like giving erotica one more try. I came up with an idea that I am going to run with next week and see how that goes.

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    1. Make paperbacks!! I bet your sales will go up! If you use D2D as well, they will let you make a paperback from your ebook file, then you can download a pdf that you can upload to Amazon. D2d does all the formatting for you!


    1. I get images from Pixabay.com because they are free and the licensing says they can be used for book covers. Then I use Canva to put the title and my name on the cover. I actually have a subscription to Canva.


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