I’m HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m finally home!!!!! I am so happy and grateful to be home!!!!

I’m out and home. We were home in time for Trent to make me a real meal for dinner. And I Survived the two day ordeal with food smuggled in by Trent.

Amos was so happy to see me he tackled me and pinned me to the floor while he licked my face. It was a very happy reunion.

They seem to have the seizures under control with meds they could send me home with.

The radiation caused my brain to swell and it caused seizures. It was really scary because I was fully conscious and aware of them. Great ideas for some short stories though. June 1 is coming!!!

Blogging from the hospital

I was finally admitted to the hospital yesterday. I was back in the ER because I started having seziures and it scared the crap out of Trent.

The full-brain radiation has made my brain swell, so they are trying to reduce the swelling.

The real nightmare is that I have food allergies that the hospital cannot accommodate. They’ve already tried to kill me twice.

Trent had to battle with security to bring me food. They didn’t feed me for two days. It has been a nightmare which included throwing up in my mask. I do not recommend doing that ever. two thumbs down.

But my night nurse is more than happy to help Trent with the great food and coffee smuggling past security later this morning.