Radiation starts today!

I start full-brain radiation today. They fitted a lava-mask to my face the other day (it was REALLY HOT), and apparently that will be over my face for the course of radiation treatments. (It won’t be hot during treatments, that was just to fit it to my face.) Fun stuff. It’s like a REALLY THICK spider web over my face.

I am expected to actually lose my hair this time. So I have a friend that is making me some great hats. I will post pictures of them as I get them.

Here’s the first one she sent.

Notice the lop-sided smile. That’s a result of some of the tumors.

2 thoughts on “Radiation starts today!

    1. The threat has been there so many times through all of this, I’ve come to peace with it at this point (we’ll see if that is real if I actually lose it this time.)


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