Day 2 and Quicksilver

Yesterday’s radiation went really well. Day 2 today. The fatigue has already set in. It hit fast this time. It took a few days last time.

May I introduce Quicksilver (can you tell my husband named this one? LOL)

I had to cannibalize some of Wilbert’s spring set, but I will be starting a red, white, and blue yarn-bombing on Quicksilver to celebrate Memorial Day.

Amos is happy to meet Quicksilver.

6 thoughts on “Day 2 and Quicksilver

  1. Amos is terrible with new people. He has been abused by strangers quite a few times while I have had him out with me. There are some people who don’t like service dogs. He has been hit, kicked, and punched by strangers, so he doesn’t really like new people anymore. I can’t really blame him though.

    Sorry the new job isn’t a better situation. I hope you can find something better soon.


  2. Poor Amos. How can anybody be so cruel to such an adorable dog?

    It’s better than the last one, but this lady is used to being taken care of by three nurses on rotation. So now that it is just me, she seems to think that I should wait up in the middle of the night cause she wants water or wants me to pick shit off the floor.

    The first night she kept calling me for bullshit ever 5 – 10 minutes. Even after midnight, the woman still refuses to go to sleep. And then want to call out to while it is still bloody dark outside. She must be crazy.

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  3. It was surprising how many people could be so cruel to him. Mostly men. But there were a few angry mothers who weren’t happy when I told their children to stop climbing on him like a horse and that he needed to focus because he was working. I don’t know why slapping my dog was their solution to the issue. People are nuts.

    Apparently you have found another one of the crazies to work for. Sorry about that.


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