Happy to see the weekend

Day 2 of full-brain radiation went well. It goes really quickly, so it’s kind of a breeze. There’s not a lot to it. I am starting to look a tiny bit sunburned though.

I am happy to see the weekend. No appointments on the weekends. So we have a bit of time to relax as a family.

Amos’ training went well yesterday. He is working on basic commands for walking with and soon in front of my wheelchair. He is having a blast with it and all the extra treats he gets during training sessions.

Here is our post-training picture:

Amos couldn’t stop looking at his trainer and her bag of treats.

Needless to say with all of the craziness this last week, I really didn’t get much writing done. Or publishing for that matter.

BUT I did have contact with two very wonderful editors who have each bought one of my short stories for their anthologies. They both had mercy on me and are doing my edits for me. I have gotten one back and she did the most beautiful job polishing my story. I am so happy to be working with such great people for these anthologies. I will post info about them when I have more knowledge of actual titles and publishing dates, etc.

How are things with you guys?

11 thoughts on “Happy to see the weekend

  1. Amazon Kindle is blocking another book. And at this stage I just want to tell them to kiss my rear.

    I have written a couple of articles this week, but they need some polish on them. I am going to be jumping into affiliate marketing with these articles. I just want to earn my money by myself.

    I wrote some more bad poems.

    These ones are on Medium. I wrote them a while back. Here are the links.

    View at Medium.com
    View at Medium.com
    View at Medium.com
    View at Medium.com

    Now I have three news one published over at HubPages. All of them were picked up by Letterpile even though I only submitted the first one. Glad that has happened. But sadly I don’t have a PayPal account that can accept funds. So I don’t think I will publish anything else over there and just stick to publishing on my new Medium account where I hope I can get some good affiliate commission. Wish me me luck with that.


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  2. They’re not bad poems!!! Some of them are very very good.

    And yeah, Amazon made me re-do a cover today. There was nothing wrong with it, so I faked it and we’ll see if it goes through now. I don’t know WHAT is up with them lately.


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