No RAD yesterday and Quicksilver’s progress

The radiation machine was down yesterday, so I had an extra-long weekend break. They will just tack the missed treatment onto the end.

I have been working on the yarn-bombing of Quicksilver.

I am working on making my spokes red/white/blue for Memorial Day. I still have a ways to go. But I have a good start going. The wheelchair is much more tedious and more difficult for the yarn-bombing. It definitely takes more thought and planning. Especially since my husband has to deal with whatever I do because he is the one who manages getting it in and out of the car. The yarn makes it more difficult to deal with during moments of transfer. So I have to take that into consideration during the planning stages.

3 thoughts on “No RAD yesterday and Quicksilver’s progress

  1. Trent is in charge of all of the bug killing around here. We have scorpions, which scare the crap outta me! But he takes care of them without complaint. Although he did laugh at me the other night when I trapped a cricket in the bathtub for him to come take care of. LOL


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