I’m HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m finally home!!!!! I am so happy and grateful to be home!!!!

I’m out and home. We were home in time for Trent to make me a real meal for dinner. And I Survived the two day ordeal with food smuggled in by Trent.

Amos was so happy to see me he tackled me and pinned me to the floor while he licked my face. It was a very happy reunion.

They seem to have the seizures under control with meds they could send me home with.

The radiation caused my brain to swell and it caused seizures. It was really scary because I was fully conscious and aware of them. Great ideas for some short stories though. June 1 is coming!!!

3 thoughts on “I’m HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. He was very worried. He slept by the garage door waiting for me to come home. He refused to sleep on the bed with Trent and slept on the floor in the hall in front of the garage door instead. My sweet loyal boy.


  1. So happy for your family, Trent, Amos and you 🙂 Glad you were able to eat and that the meds are helping the seizures. Thanks for being a fighter 🙂

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