Check-in time

Sorry I skipped Saturday’s check in, but things have been a little crazy here.

I actually got some writing done on my current WIP last week before all of the hospital stuff. Plus a little more got plugged away at yesterday.

But unfortunately, that’s all I’ve had the energy or time to do.

How’s it going with y’all?

10 thoughts on “Check-in time

  1. Really?? I didn’t even notice. I got some mess to deal with again as you already know.

    You know I am currently working on building a college blog. So instead of writing and self-publishing 10 e-books, I am changing it to 100 blog posts. I have already brain stormed over 200 blog posts ideas.

    I am really depending on this idea to work cause I can’t continue having my income being controlled by others and end up in this situation over and over again. I have to get off this train wreck.

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  2. I already have internet haters big mad at me because I refuse o take their advice about doing videos instead of creating a blog for college people. I never asked them for advice and though any of them even have a blog or a YouTube channel. Maybe they should take their own advice instead.

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