Health Update

I’m doing better this week. They put me back on the steroids after my 3 days in the ER. The seizures have stopped and I am doing good in my physical therapy appointments.

I started back on chemo on June 1, so I am a couple of days in on the new treatment. So far, so good. No extreme side-effects at this point. Just the fatigue.

4 thoughts on “Health Update

    1. Ouch. That sucks. Be careful! I’m glad you’re ok. I fell out of bed last night and hit my head on a metal filing cabinet. Amos desperately tried to stop me from falling, but wound up sliding off with me. He got a face-full of my desk chair. He slept on top of me the rest of the night.


  1. Ouch indeed. Thank God my elbow took most of the impact. A man heard the noise from inside his house of me falling down them stairs. He thought it was an object like a barrel and not a person. He offered twice to call the ambulance. But I let him know I was okay.

    So sorry for you and Amos.

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