Weekly check-in

I started my new challenge on June 1. I’ve gotten my two short stories written and submitted out to markets and I have been making progress on my WIP as well. Slowly but surely!!

The plan is to write a short story on odd numbered days and work on my books on the even numbered days.

I will beat these stupid brain tumors and have fun doing it!!!!

14 thoughts on “Weekly check-in

    1. I’m glad the other pain is gone for you. That must have been so scary. I avoid stairs like the plague.

      Amos was so happy to have me home again. He cuddled with me all night.


  1. Sorry, by “cuddling” I mostly mean, he’s squashing my feet/legs so I can’t turn over. LOL He is not the body-pillow cuddling type. He gets too hot. He’s like a breathing radiator and it’s summer here now. So he just pins me down by my feet so I can’t leave again. It’s still very sweet though.


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