2 thoughts on “Updates on Facebook

  1. Cheering for you to win.

    I heard a messed up story two days ago.

    This lady on a forum had said that that one of the women in her family was cheated on by her husband. Of course she put him out the house cause he would not admit the truth. Do you want to know what he did to her? He got him whole family to lie to her saying that he had stage 4 cancer and was dying. So she took him back in.

    Thank goodness that when she discovered it was all a file she divorced him. I could never, ever talk to that low life again even if we had kids. Someone else was going to have to be the middle man between me and his whole clan that lied.

    I don’t can’t how much you want to get someone back into life, you never sink to these kind of levels.


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