Health Update

I spent the last week going in for tests. CT scans, bone scans, lab tests. It was a rough week because there were a lot of changes to appointments and other strangeness. But getting the results was worth the madness because almost everything is either stable or shrinking. So that’s good news. I also got my infusion for the cancer in my bones. Between that and the radioactive stuff they have to inject for my bone scans, I was pretty wiped out for a couple of days. I can still feel their effects, but it’s getting better every day.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much writing done this week because of all of the testing. But I think I am planning on writing some short stories this coming week. Keeping a novel straight in my head is still a little much. So short stories are going to be my warm up to getting back into things. No challenges, no word count goals. Just easing back into things after all this time of not writing much.

Have a good week everyone!

2 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. Short stories are wonderful because you get to play with a character for a little while. Then, when you’re finished with them, you can put them away and not have to feel guilty about not getting back to them.


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