Soon to be found in Breath & Shadow, Page & Spine, & Forest Avenue Press.

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February 2022, Land Beyond the World Magazine, The Trade-Off

February 2022, Scrawl Place, The Goose Lady

December 2021, On the Premises, Mini-Contest #51, Thanksgiving Cleaning

October 2021, Enchanted Conversation Magazine, Firebird Feathers

July 2021, Enchanted Conversation Magazine, The Fairy Godmother

June 2022, Disabled Tales, Prince Amos

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February, 2022, 206 Word Stories, a Horror Anthology, 21 Months (Bag of Bones Press) (This title hit #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller in Horror Anthologies list!)

May 2021, Promise in the Gold: Cave Creek Anthology, Finding Mercury (WMG Publishing)


Honorable Mention, Writers of the Future 1st Quarter for 2021 (Good luck finding my name,) The Burning

Honorable Mention, Writers of the Future 1st Quarter, Volume 39 for 2022, Reflections