Bird Lady (Women’s Lit) (complete)

The Bird Lady 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Seeds of Today (Bird Lady wedding story)

The Bird Lady Collection (all of the Bird Lady books and short stories in one volume!)

Fahlstrom’s Adventures (Urban Fantasy) (in progress)

The Portal Wars (Book #1)

The Grimoires (Book #2)

Fire Lily series (Y.A. Fantasy) (complete)

Fire Lily (Book #1)

Bezbell (Book #2)

Kirog (Book #3)

Fire Lily Omnibus (all three books in one volume)

Gamers series (Thriller/mystery) (in progress)

Gamers (Book #1)

Schemers (Book #2)

Moon Songs series (Fantasy) (in progress)

Moonlight Magic (Moon Songs #1)

Moonlight Melody (Moon Songs #2)

The Secret Gondal Society (Y.A.) (in progress)

The Secret Gondal Society (Book #1)

Stand Alone Novels

Crafting Christmas (Women’s Lit/Romance)

Life Unscripted (Y.A.)

The Red Dart (Fantasy)

Shadow Mountain (Fantasy/Horror)