Cute hats!!! and a major update

Me and my crooked smile. But with very cute hats!!!

Yesterday was another long day at the hospital. It really tested poor Amos’ bladder.

I found out I was kicked out of the clinical trial. The cancer in my lymph nodes is not stable enough for me to continue to qualify. So my doc is switching me to a different chemo treatment once my full-brain radiation is done. Radiation ends Monday. New chemo starts Tuesday. Booted from clinical trial yesterday. The good news is that the cancer in my bones is stable. I am happy to hear that one, because that is the painful one.

I got a new physical therapist. He is MUCH better than the last one. Trent likes him better too. So hopefully my PT will go much easier from here on out. I found out I can request him each time. So that makes part of my life easier. I just think the guy is more gentle in general. Trent described the last lady as “combative”.

I am hoping to get some more writing done this week. Shorter days at the hospital should help with that.

Radiation starts today!

I start full-brain radiation today. They fitted a lava-mask to my face the other day (it was REALLY HOT), and apparently that will be over my face for the course of radiation treatments. (It won’t be hot during treatments, that was just to fit it to my face.) Fun stuff. It’s like a REALLY THICK spider web over my face.

I am expected to actually lose my hair this time. So I have a friend that is making me some great hats. I will post pictures of them as I get them.

Here’s the first one she sent.

Notice the lop-sided smile. That’s a result of some of the tumors.