Still doing PT

Got approved for more physical therapy.

It makes me tired, but it seems to be helping. Without it, I would probably still be stuck in the wheelchair. Tomorrow will be my second appointment without the wheelchair. So I will be extra tired afterwards because of all the walking. But we will just keep going with the PT and keep improving.


No more wheelchair!!!! (unless I am going somewhere with a LOT of walking. Otherwise, walker out of the house, cane or nothing in the house. Yay!!! I am so happy to have the wheelchair requirement lifted!!! I kicked butt on my test scores for balance and walking. I don’t know who was more excited about it, my PT or me. LOL And it is a relief to not have to use the walker in the house anymore. I’ve gouged so many walls with that stupid thing.

Health Update

Today’s appointments all went well. My blood work is perfect.

My doctor gave me the go-ahead to battle it out with my physical therapist to get rid of the wheelchair and go back to a walker outside the house and a cane in the house. We’ll see how that goes. But he’s always repeating, “We have to do what’s safe.” I don’t tell him I’ve already ditched the walker at home, for the most part. Maybe it’s time to tell him.