Isle of Ravens, version 1

My next foray into map making. The Isle of Ravens. This is a super-rough and very sparse version of the island.

This was the first vague imaginings of this island. My husband has an adventure on this island made up for his RPG games. The current version is much more impressive and detailed. But I didn’t want to reveal it publicly just yet. There may be a module coming, so I will reveal the real map more towards that time. But in the meantime, I’ve been having fun on Inkarnate.

Playing with Maps

I was just playing with my new Inkarnate software. This isn’t a map of anything in particular, I was just mostly seeing what I could do with it and this little place came into being. I may have to make up a story for it sometime. It was pretty fun to make. Now that I know what I can do with the software, I can have a bit more fun with it in the future! I will probably have more maps to come.