My Husband’s First Book!

My husband wrote a Spellcasting Focus book for DnD players and GM’s. It’s for sale over on the DungeonMastersGuild.

I’m so proud of him! Check it out if you like to play and share it with any friends you know who have an interest in RPG’s. The link is up on my RPG page as well, if you need an easy way to find the link later.

Author Get-Together

A friend of mine recently published a book on service dog training. She is the wonderful lady who helped me to train Amos. We were able to see one another for the first time in a very long time and we signed books for one another. It was wonderful to see her and we had a blast!

Amos was thrilled to see her. Look how happy he is!
Signing books for one another.

If you have a dog (it doesn’t even have to be a service dog, she has instructions on basic obedience) this is a priceless book filled with very useful training information.