Kirog available today

The third and final book of my Fire Lily trilogy is available today.

Kirog is back! And Bezbell need rescuing, fast!
As Lily’s life unravels, Bezbell’s is about to get turned upside down.
Bezbell finds out the truth about herself and her parents. And what she finds shocks everyone.

Welcome to book 3 of the Fire Lily trilogy, where the Grand Seelie and Unseelie Courts are revealed, favorite characters come back, and there be dragons!
Join Lily and Bezbell back in the swamp in this fantastical, magical, and draconic conclusion to the Fire Lily fantasy trilogy.

Available in electronic and paperback versions at your favorite online retailers.

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Upcoming Release Schedule

September 2021

September 1 — Short Story Collection — Magic from the Dark

October 2021

October 1 — Novel — Kirog (Fire Lily trilogy #3)

October 16 — Short Story Collection — The Dark of Night (Happy Halloween!)

November 2021

November 1 — Novel — The Grimoires (Fahlstrom’s Adventures #2)

December 2021

December 1 — Short Story Collection — Fairy Tales & Nightmares