Gearing up

I’m getting the itch to write again. I still don’t have a lot of energy, but I feel I am getting closer. So I am planning to get back to my challenge soon. I am not going to try to catch up. I just want to get back to writing. Even if it’s just a little bit at a time. My hands are finally working better so I can type again. Not well, but getting better. If I can get back to writing a short story every other day I would be so happy!

Peace and Quiet

I have decided to remove all social media from my phone. And I am removing myself from most mailing lists. I just need some peace and quiet. I will be continuing to post here on the blog. And I am staying on Facebook. But I find Instagram and Twitter a little too stressful to keep up with. Especially since I am trying to get back into my weekly games.

I am just trying to keep things peaceful right now. I have a lot on my plate with the 100/200, which now has it’s own page in the main menu. I am listing all of my stories as I write them. Plus I have the chaos of everything else that is happening. I will have a new medical update tomorrow. It’s a big one. Neurosurgeon consult results big. I am hoping it won’t be a big deal, but we will see.

Here’s the crazy

We just got back from seeing my radiation oncologist as a follow-up to the ER visit. It was radiation side-effects that had me in the ER. She said that aside from what brought me to the ER things are looking promising on their end. She said this next week is hell week. She said the first week AFTER full-brain radiation is really bad.

I am mostly battling the effects of the brain tumors. They have been presenting themselves as stroke symptoms. So I am in physical therapy mostly to relearn how to use the left side of my body. I am relearning how to talk, type, walk, etc. Cutting things up in the kitchen can be a scary ordeal.

Trent and I were talking and the two of us came up with a super crazy idea to work my brain through this. I wrote 1000 words on my book in progress before my appointment, so I was kind of on a writing high while I was there.

So here’s the crazy, don’t freak out, my doc was instigating some of this and thinks it will be really good for me. Starting June 1 (so I can rest through hell week.) I am going to write 100 short stories in 200 days. (That ends the challenge a couple weeks before Christmas, which is when my parents normally come to visit.) Trent said I work better and seem happier when I am writing under a challenge. 100/200 gives me flex days and time to work on my books too.)

I know it sounds crazy. But my doc said I need to be working against the tumors and said this is how I can put up a big fight.

Finished Early!

I couldn’t wait. I was so close. I just had to finish. I spent all morning yesterday writing. I was already a little bit ahead, so I finished it out. 100 stories in 100 days! (Actually 100 stories in 96 days!)

This now clears the path so I can get on to my next project of finishing all of my series. I don’t want to leave anything hanging. I have a lot of books to write, and they will not finish as quickly as a short story.

So off we go into 2022 with a new goal to conquer and old worlds to visit! Happy New Year!