Battling Fatigue

I have to admit that the worst part of all of this is battling the fatigue. It is a constant battle.

But the good news is that I am still up to date on writing my short stories.

I am getting some of my strength back too. In general I think I am making baby steps on a consistent basis. so things are improving in tiny bits. But I will take what I can get.

More testing coming

We went and saw a neurologist yesterday. I got to see my MRI results for the first time. It was freaky and weird to see pictures of tumors in my brain.

They want to do more tests because we need to see more of what is happening.

I go in for a spinal tap next week. They need to see if the tumors are draining into my spine. So that should be a fun day coming up.

For the most part the news was mostly good from the neurologist. things are shrinking and with all of my physical therapy, I am getting some function back.

Still holding steady

Recently saw the doc. my blood tests look really good.

But we have discovered that I have been taking the wrong dose of my chemo. I was taking half of what I should have been. We have now corrected that, so hopefully that will help things along.

That was just a big Whoops on our part. So hopefully taking some is better than the whoops.

Otherwise I am doing well with my physical therapy. It’s just frustrating to still be struggling with my left side so much. But I’m working on it everyday.