Another Update

Tests done. I get all the results on Monday. I’m a bit nervous, but whatever happens happens, right?

Wednesday’s tests were a little harsh. Lots of radioactive dye and contrast dye. The cocktail made me a tiny bit sick that night, but I had my game group playing that night and that helped me through it. I do better when I have things to take my mind off the stress. The MRI on Friday was the worst of the three, which surprised me. But it’s done. I am happy the tests are finished.

Still so far, so good on the 100/100. I am writing my way through this!

Pink Camo Journal

Here are some shots of my latest journal:

I am totally lucky that I have a friend who hand makes these journals for me. You can see her other journals on her Instagram account, AlmerryKeen.

I use them for general journaling, brainstorming story ideas, and tracking my notes for the RPG games I am in, so they get a LOT of use. I am totally excited to fill these pretty pages!