Cute hats!!! and a major update

Me and my crooked smile. But with very cute hats!!!

Yesterday was another long day at the hospital. It really tested poor Amos’ bladder.

I found out I was kicked out of the clinical trial. The cancer in my lymph nodes is not stable enough for me to continue to qualify. So my doc is switching me to a different chemo treatment once my full-brain radiation is done. Radiation ends Monday. New chemo starts Tuesday. Booted from clinical trial yesterday. The good news is that the cancer in my bones is stable. I am happy to hear that one, because that is the painful one.

I got a new physical therapist. He is MUCH better than the last one. Trent likes him better too. So hopefully my PT will go much easier from here on out. I found out I can request him each time. So that makes part of my life easier. I just think the guy is more gentle in general. Trent described the last lady as “combative”.

I am hoping to get some more writing done this week. Shorter days at the hospital should help with that.

Health Update

Quick update on yesterday’s hospital visit.

It was such a long day. Full-brain radiation, stop in the lab, bone scan and CT, both with contrast, plus two infusions.

Everyone was so nice. We got out a little early too.

But I did experience what was very close to my worst nightmare. I fell (in front of) a public restroom. The only way it could have been worse if it was actually IN the restroom. I was icked out all day. But again, that is why I bring Purell wipes and other emergency stuff in my bathroom bag that I bring with me.

I was so tired by the end of the day (about 7 hours). My husband and I picked up fries at In N Out on the way home, which was a complete joy! I love car-fries! We eat the hot fries in the car on the way home. It is just heaven.