Another Update

Yesterday was more testing to get approved for the clinical trial. I should know by Monday if I am in. The nurses in the lab were totally awesome. They’ve got some really good people at my hospital.

I also started a new med that knocked me out by the time I got home. The fatigue is real. But otherwise, I seem to be fine on it. There are two meds I will now be getting as an injection once a month. They were both done yesterday. The combination is causing the fatigue. Hopefully it will pass. I just need to remember that I probably won’t be getting much done on injection days.

But otherwise, things are going okay. I am almost halfway through writing the next book. And, if all goes well, I will start chemo next week.

Stage 4

Yep. It’s official. The cancer is Stage 4. We got most of my results back from the biopsy yesterday. But it is “treatable.” If all goes well, I start chemo on the 27th. If some of the test results come back wonky, we will have to go to Plan B. Which will probably still be chemo, just a different kind.

So the focus is back on finishing my many series. The website overhaul is pretty much finished, so back to the writing. And tonight is game night, which is a good way to take my mind off of things.