Weekly check-in

I started my new challenge on June 1. I’ve gotten my two short stories written and submitted out to markets and I have been making progress on my WIP as well. Slowly but surely!!

The plan is to write a short story on odd numbered days and work on my books on the even numbered days.

I will beat these stupid brain tumors and have fun doing it!!!!

Day 2 and Quicksilver

Yesterday’s radiation went really well. Day 2 today. The fatigue has already set in. It hit fast this time. It took a few days last time.

May I introduce Quicksilver (can you tell my husband named this one? LOL)

I had to cannibalize some of Wilbert’s spring set, but I will be starting a red, white, and blue yarn-bombing on Quicksilver to celebrate Memorial Day.

Amos is happy to meet Quicksilver.