100 Short Stories in 100 Days

I was keeping a lid on this at first, just to see if I had a shot at actually accomplishing this at all.

But I am in the middle of a super-crazy challenge. On September 23rd, I realized that there were exactly 100 days left of the year. So I got the nutty idea of writing a short story every day for the rest of the year. That would be 100 short stories in 100 days (and still trying to keep up with my books.)

As of today, I have hit 29 days/stories without missing. So I decided that it was time to go public with it. I may blog about it a little bit through the month of November, depending on how things go. I am submitting all of the stories to magazines and creating a cover for each of them. I may share some covers here in the future as well.

So here’s to another month of writing short stories! Anyone else doing any crazy creative challenges?

Pink Camo Journal

Here are some shots of my latest journal:

I am totally lucky that I have a friend who hand makes these journals for me. You can see her other journals on her Instagram account, AlmerryKeen.

I use them for general journaling, brainstorming story ideas, and tracking my notes for the RPG games I am in, so they get a LOT of use. I am totally excited to fill these pretty pages!

The File Boxes

I spent most of the last half of last week organizing all of my short stories and books into paper and digital files. It took me three days, and a lot of hours each day, but here they are. They are all cataloged and sorted and alphabetized. I am going to need to get a third box soon. Or a real filing cabinet. Short stories are marked if they’re out for submissions. Books are marked for pre-orders. Let’s see how long this system lasts before I start “forgetting” and fall behind. Any wagers? LOL