No RAD yesterday and Quicksilver’s progress

The radiation machine was down yesterday, so I had an extra-long weekend break. They will just tack the missed treatment onto the end.

I have been working on the yarn-bombing of Quicksilver.

I am working on making my spokes red/white/blue for Memorial Day. I still have a ways to go. But I have a good start going. The wheelchair is much more tedious and more difficult for the yarn-bombing. It definitely takes more thought and planning. Especially since my husband has to deal with whatever I do because he is the one who manages getting it in and out of the car. The yarn makes it more difficult to deal with during moments of transfer. So I have to take that into consideration during the planning stages.

Day 2 and Quicksilver

Yesterday’s radiation went really well. Day 2 today. The fatigue has already set in. It hit fast this time. It took a few days last time.

May I introduce Quicksilver (can you tell my husband named this one? LOL)

I had to cannibalize some of Wilbert’s spring set, but I will be starting a red, white, and blue yarn-bombing on Quicksilver to celebrate Memorial Day.

Amos is happy to meet Quicksilver.

Weekly Check- In/Update

I have actually gotten some writing done this week! With the number of doctor’s appointments and tests I’ve had this week, it’s a miracle I got any done at all.

Plus, I know this isn’t writing, but I have descended into the madness that is yarn-bombing. This is the beginning stage of “decorating” my walker. It’s amazing how crocheting sharpens my focus. Crocheting really gets my creative mind kicking too. It’s a bit of a weird inspiration, but I will take it!

I took the walker to the hospital with me this week and a lady with a Bedazzled back-brace told me that it was the “Dang-Blingingest walker” she had ever seen!!! LOL I got lots of smiles and compliments on it. So I need to finish this as well. (grin)

I’ll keep you updated on the progress. It’s been really fun and it keeps my hands busy on game nights.