RPG Games

My husband hosts RPG games online (Mostly DnD5e, but some games have a little Shadowrun mixed in.)

If you want to play with me, I play Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sat nights. Check for open seats in those games.

Here’s his Roll20 bio and current game list: Trent/Plixeon

Here’s his website: Plixeon.com

Trent Lunsford on the Dungeon Master’s Guild

Plus, he has a new book out for players and GM’s click here to see his Spellcasting Focus book.

My Characters

L to R: Plume (Fairy, Drunken Master Monk, plays on Saturdays); Kipp (Dragonborn, Druid, plays on Wednesdays); Alice (Lizardfolk, Artificer, plays on Fridays): Shelley (Ogre, Fighter/Gunslinger plays on Mondays.)