Almost a year

It’s been almost a year since I had to shave my head because of full-brain radiation, and this is how much it has grown back. Not very long yet, but at least it is growing back some. Not much I can do with it at this length. With full-brain radiation, there is a good chance that it wouldn’t grow back at all, so I am grateful that it has grown back this much.

Amos’ foot is much better. You can see him on the bed over my shoulder. That’s where he lays when I am working at my computer.

Oh, yeah, I’m wearing my gray vest for Brain Tumor Awareness Month. 🙂

Health Update

I spent the last week going in for tests. CT scans, bone scans, lab tests. It was a rough week because there were a lot of changes to appointments and other strangeness. But getting the results was worth the madness because almost everything is either stable or shrinking. So that’s good news. I also got my infusion for the cancer in my bones. Between that and the radioactive stuff they have to inject for my bone scans, I was pretty wiped out for a couple of days. I can still feel their effects, but it’s getting better every day.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much writing done this week because of all of the testing. But I think I am planning on writing some short stories this coming week. Keeping a novel straight in my head is still a little much. So short stories are going to be my warm up to getting back into things. No challenges, no word count goals. Just easing back into things after all this time of not writing much.

Have a good week everyone!

Working on making a comeback

I’m working on updating my website. Getting magazine and book links updated, etc. I am considering starting the blog up again, but maybe only posting a few times a week rather than daily. I am still recovering from the brain surgery and still doing chemo, so energy levels are questionable on some days.

Just wanted to give an update to you all that are still waiting to hear from me. Thanks for hanging in there with me.